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Holistic Veterinary Medicine

• Homeopath
• Herbal Medicine
• Raw Foods
• Chiropractic
• Laser Treatment

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Conventional Therapy Services

• Surgery
• Dental
• X-Rays

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About Us

Pawsitive Veterinary Care offers a refreshing approach to your pets Health Care.

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Dr. Moira and her staff provide an innovated holistice approach for your pets care you can trust!

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Featured Articles

Vaccinations – A Time for Change

The great news is that annual boosters are no longer considered necessary every year for pets by a growing number of veterinarians, veterinary researchers and over half of the veterinary colleges. The good news is that your pet can be protected for life by a small number of vaccines in its first year of life. The bad news is that many pet owners are not aware of this information

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The Spay and Neuter Conundrum

Nowadays, traditional spaying and neutering of your dog, also known as altering, is not necessarily the absolute thing to do. Deciding on whether or not to alter and, if so, when, can make a difference in their long-term health. There are options to choose from while still remaining socially responsible by reducing pet over-population! And, just to be semantically correct, both sexes get “neutered” or altered, but the females are “spayed”, which means ovary removal, and the males are “castrated” which means testicle removal. There is so much information on the pros and cons of altering your dog that I simply cannot do it complete justice in this short article. If you simply google the search terms “pros and cons of early spay and neuter”, you’ll find plenty of reading.

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Why A Holistic Vet?

Holistic veterinary medicine is growing in leaps and bounds as it has shown time and again that it can help improve your pet’s quality of life.

Holistic medicine refers to complimentary and alternative therapies– but also includes routine care– to encompass the whole patient and whole picture.

A more appropriate term to describe holistic veterinary care might be “integrative medicine” as, while there is a primary focus on non-
conventional therapies, there is no fear in using conventional medicine and procedures if and when they are indicated. Integrative medicine combines the two...

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